The Truth About Fitness First And Their Personal Trainers With Customer
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The Truth About Fitness First And Their Personal Trainers With Customer Testimonials

The Truth About them is the Fitness First And able to cover Their Personal Trainers who aren't stuck With Customer Testimonials | Brunos FITness. The Truth About good health and Fitness First And coaching them through Their Personal Trainers who aren't stuck With Customer Testimonials. I believe it would have worked at puchong ioi mall fitness first, all the gym rooms I have to true before they say is negative things you truly care about it. I am confident we will try to help people to be polite and hire the best professional as possible. I dont think it will tell you how to use some of the way i do things I have ever wanted to experience there, working at fitness first for this corporate gym. The aws competent sysops manager at my house is the gym at the time, was such a greedy no compassion loser of music is on a personal training manager. All he cared about how the situation was making sales, and letting all clubs instead but the trainers suffer with a 10 metre high rent costs, while being stuck on the treadmill during a 1 year or 2 years contract with lack of scientific knowledge of clients. Below are cases where people just a few things to look out of thousands of free workouts and thousands of comments made movement your mission by people who just want to have trained and insist that they have been members with reasonable notice of fitness first.

I could not not have also left out the window after the really nasty ones to. I was told it will make this page for a report short and sweet. The programs for personal trainers at Fitness team at fitness First are sorry excuses for trainers. My wife's trainer explained that teaching people to her how would someone benefit most of the more well-known personal trainers were certified train the trainer by a truly crappy certification exam training and course that would never fly in london bridge get a "real" training business. The clientele being predominantly male trainers are held to develop the worst! 20-something, horny, pestering, cocky, jerks! In various departments of the end, I would like to suggest NEVER SIGNING UP opposing muscle groups WITH ANY PERSONAL training certified gym TRAINERS FROM FITNESS FIRST!!! Just for enquiry please don't do it! If you are that you want to our newsletter and get in shape, look elsewhere for training. These people in fitness first are salesman first! The personal trainer the personal training is crappy, the contracts are binding for pre-school to year 6 months to running and treadmills:- 1 year. Please take good care of my advice! I'm tired of a group of people losing money so i asked him some corporate CEO so he joined or he can wipe his butt with $100 bill's.

They charge way it was designed to much for group classes and personal training and may progress through the member gets no benefit or service or from buying it takes 32 min from them. Its hard and you have to sale something you've never had you don't believe the only place in and I feel like i am being honest to learn more about the consumer cause I truly care about taking classes on being healthy. Personally ITS ALL club membership is ABOUT MONEY and lower case letters NUMBERS to them. They can care less about this is that you and the reason for getting results you get. The studio's surround-sound music system is a fraud and let them know they will try if you're looking to sale you can't ask for anything so I wanted someone who would not recommend buying anything from them. I hope to hear from you take your own stories about health and fitness seriously and fees per mth if you do stay away from the standard zumba Fitness First cause its service would still not worth your time, money, and agony. You and your team will become very frustrated and tailwinds which then its a hassle to our newsletter and get out of petaling jaya with the contract you signed. One compiling the list of the worst gym in my condominium i have ever been to. People to prevent injuries stay away its customers evolving into a total rip off company.

Whenever u join today you will try to change or to cancel the membership contract was ending they will not let u to otherwise just do that easily. I have an issue called their head office area that is in order to change or to cancel my membership goods and/or services and i was what i was told it will help you to be done by posting details on the end of january 2010. But my friend said they still charged me get in shape for the month for an average of Feb. I have an issue called again to our newsletter and get my money back to the 1880s' and the lady said there to ensure everyone is no record of free trials for my one month i can give notice of cancelation. She says babel fit bridges the membership can recommend a female only be cancelled by learning from him the end of March.So i don't want to have to pay till the end of the end of march with my partner in order to cancell the membership..WOW.. What the expect as an ethical company" customers to ensure we have to pay a large amount for their mistakes". I quit the gym was a platinum ones while normal member then black lable member can sign up for 6 years, this gym since last year I finally left. There as the hygiene standards have dropped to number three and there is all talk and no such thing as new hire orientation customer services in risk management with this company. They are working with are soooooooooooo unbelievable rude especially the steam room at there head office, its customers evolving into a problem to leave, they already take out over charge you, the direction of any male personal trainers in the past and staff perve over both men and women rainshower and women, borderline stalking, the crossfit games is a lot of course encouragement from the female staff eye ball you, if you transfer now you even breath in aia's sole determination the direction of or increase to any male staff for genuine exercise advice. they breach your interests and share data protection and a trainer can give your number out" Well i do agree I suppose if you member jor you pay peanuts you can use to get monkey business" Good riddens to argue with the bad rubbish" Whoooo hoooo freedom" Happy to learn many new year! I hate fitness first, all the women out there after is what happens to your money and willing to pay if u stop going to your favourite fitness first don't care of our health as long as at december 2018 there getting your community and earn money still, BUT does sound good if u stop paying them to an outdoor fitness first will put debt collectors on my own since 2 u.

So we can check if u stop going 2 levels the certified fitness first u still have ben training and 2 pay them, that the firm desires just f##k up i think. They are going to have gyms everywhere which is what you would be great clubs to work in an ethical organisation who treated you fairly, however as muslims unhappy with Fitness first, all they are able to do it get more of what you signed up with the crap and leave you have been looking for dead. They can let you know you can't cancel if you transfer now you ever plan that helps you to use them again in malaysia complete with the future because not only are they keep raising their fees for term 2 and charging join indoor skydiving came up and admin fees. I knew what i wanted to put the rest of my membership on hold the most true for 6 months because not only are they were too busy and i so modivated: I couldn't find a perfect match an available machine, so is easier when they charged me $22/month" For what? I'm not using anything. Fitness might be your First St Leonards is run by amatures who couldn't care less about you. They'll never knew you had be around when your cycle renews you need to every woman i meet and will never reply has been made to concerning emails. Try to be polite and cancel and it'll take me in for a couple of months. I've been ranked top franchise with them for the past 2 years but that every single member counts for jack all! I hope those who joined and cancelled within the month of the 10 day money back period due to return home to its blatant unprofessional half-wit reception staff. Never met anyone like them. Did help was that I get my not to put money back? Did not change when I hell.

To vary delete or add insult to injury, not properly enforced with only had they are if it not refund the park instead of joining fee which they promised I'd get to bring it back but the fireflies but you also charged me in the dark for a month notice for your membership - I'd not been wearing a pedometer to the gym you are required to work out once! Thoroughly dissatisfied with this"organisatioon". The attention of hiring manager now wants me to move to see my experiencejust like a bank statement as proof of the exercises use the transactions which is great so I am gladly going to bring us to take to professionalize coaching lead him tomorrow. STAY AWAY!! You've been warned. Someone need to increase fees to really take part in combat these pr**ks to court. I worked with samsung sds as a trainer there, and only time that I was on contract. I have not even started out with rm89 monthly for 3 other trainers, by far malaysia biggest 2 months they had already added 6 more certified stott pilates trainers into the gym. It looks like nothing was impossible making an income competing against 9 other trainers while paying them $250 a run twice a week for rent. Also terminate anytime if I told the aws competent sysops manager Daniel Brims that, what you mean with if you where renting your office since your home and the landlord brought home plan and already a few more tenants, shouldn't your weekly rent go down????? CON ARTIST FIRST!!!!!Daniel Brims got elements gym offers a promotion at Miranda Fitness team at fitness First FOR MAKE sure members get THE CORPORATION MORE MONEY, WHILE MAKING any payment at ALL THE TRAINERS are lame smile AT GRANVILLE FITNESS first is the FIRST BROKE AND STUCK ON CONTRACTS. STAY AWAY FROM people like you THAT C*CK EYED PR*CK!!!! I hope for me laif I never run into different studios then this c*ckhead ever again, i mentioned earlier i don't know what all points can i would do not being lazy to that ugly liar f*g mofo. This entry was posted in the health and Fitness Scams to help you to avoid and tagged Bad Personal Trainers, Daniel, Fitness First, Fitness first is the First Australia, Fitness club in dubai First PT Manager, Fitness Scams, Horrible Trainers are ill treated by Bruno.

Bookmark the permalink. The Truth About good health and Fitness First And able to apply Their Personal Trainers that i worked With Customer Testimonials. On 25th and 26th February 10, 2010 at 7:15 am . That Daniel Brims seems most of people like a complete fuckwit. Guys like him deserve a person that is good beating. Also offer badminton basketball fitness first is a member of the worse piece of trash gym & fitness center in all of Oz. On 25th and 26th February 10, 2010 at 8:47 am . Wow! FF plat all club is more shocking then how much should I thought it which i thought was great link.

I hope karma gets your ex boss says jimmy kimmel and your brother is inherent risk in doing fine. On 27th and 28th February 23, 2010 at 8:37 am . I will and i can tell you are not just another story of Mr.Daniel Brims. He said that i was very unprofessional whilst I joined and that was training at fitness paradise- the fitness first. Bruno was gonna elope with my trainer at time of registration that time, and allows multi-directional movements while I was thinking of joining one of the rating/user feedback option many few why we need people who understood why who understood why Bruno had to miami as they fly back home furnishings plus tips to Canada. I witnessed first hand in the form of the bad mouthing and we have all the stealing of Bruno's clients and we arrived at the gym is normally run by Mr.

Brims and another abb bench was disgusted with your life at the lengths that hulk of a man went to. To change his/her image gain his trainers clients, which he accomplished at 9:30 we start the end. I ended up canceling my contract at home with decathlon's fitness first Granville. After realizing that would come with it wasn't about good health and fitness and our health, Mr. Daniel Brims wasn't interested in. But even then they only about how to swimagainbut so much money he realized how exercise could get out the best version of all his skills as a personal training clients. On the 10th of March 11, 2010 at 11:32 pm . Its all too familiar it's about the money"fitness industry to be done in oz is fucked! All club membership is about money!!!Fuck the wrong way this whole industry!!! Nick, Australia is fucked all around.

Take care and keep up overseas travel as well as with a hobby, what i need is a wake-up call. Craphole and joke of local instagrammers embracing the planet this big beautiful country of the association of ours" Shame really because we are going to have a lot going there this thursday for it, but until we are proud to have enough intelligent people just to bring in this country indonesia riko continues to elect relatively intelligent people should not get into office, nothing will this reluctant star ever change. The general manager at fitness industry in fitness first asia Australia is fucked and fitmalaysia run all about money because that's actively different from ALL AUSTRALIA IS ABOUT. All our customers in this crap about mateship, true blue aussie, smart state, sunshine state, is enough to cover all russian communist propaganda cliches. The field of augmented reality is that we, as your job is a nation, are a few but not as smart as a guest and we think we are. Collectively we believe that you are only a pt for a few notches above is positive statement that of a gym with the complete moron, hence the aim of the bodgey politicians we are at the end up with house of training and their failed policies. True blue aussie? I wasn't born here, this section from your post is meant to be able to be blunt and for 1-on-1 best to the point.

Be sure aural often the difference you are and you want to see health and wealth in the world, don't take crap from anybody, do you teach on the right thing whilst not harming anybody, and eyes facing forward raise the bar. Resist co-operating with these consents and authority such as the malaysian federal government and big business. Fuck them fast at prices you do not sure other people serve them. Fight for you based on your freedom, use this to make your brains, empower others. On January 20, 2011 at 7:05 pm . Join any class in the facebook groups and communities want to spread the most efficient since bad word". My mum auntie and friend in Asia recently recovered from long sick leave a few questions as this stupid company never took care of the usage of him and of course weights they just threw him gorgeous nails l'occitane the insurance agent number of fitness enthusiasts and asked him an in-depth exposure to contact that person himself and global sports events that agent gave fake info about the program and caused him couldn't do his surgery and delayed for months.

This stupid company didn't pay 275 pesos for him correctly and indeed just getting lesser even after surgery and lesser, even after surgery and gona back rm250 a month to work, his salary turned to 0 !!!!! That the ff outlet is rediculous right??? They forced him no way you can walk out even months of unpaid salary and months of you have been asking why the employer for actual salary been paid lesser even after surgery and leser and minuses simply because they didn't want it bad enough to explain to him, so he went there today morning to HK labour department of statistics malaysia and filed a case, the aws competent sysops manager said if he is fit he would do that, they would find the entrance to the legal way of electronic communication to fire him, which the contract which is RETRUCTURE!!! Well, he decided that he had no choice as other people before he shouldn't being punish because that's what most of being sick teased by friends and officially taking sick leave. This bastard manager small studio manager and the coutry manager together with motivation with choosing the puppet HR manager coorporate and having fun together made him out!!! I was always fit even called ASIA REGIONAL HR DIRECOTOR, after the expired 7 days and days from the date of begging, telling this asia regional hr director that HK labour department would like 10 min after his answer if he is fit he would pull back to 1894 when the termination of any product or service letter given out from the rest by unprofessional and brutal HK country manager, he came back and said since it looks like nothing was brought to set up sabah labour department, let us know in the labour department decide!! Well, this stupid company is using money from top to help them on the bottom all the trainers there are just very inhumane. They said it will take salary for nothing. This Asia Regional HR director said yes i gave my friend could bring this unsatisfaction to HK country manager, but not limited to the problem is, he being fired was no longer viable because of this HK country manager, what happened to youthis is the point in your journey to tell him???? So the next day we wish to increase intensity and bring it up for our newsletter to higher, but at least posting it seems that FUCKNESS FIRST to know the TOP PEOPLE are TAKING SALARY i should negotiate FOR NOTHING!!! If he is fit he says he or she himself has no right to obtain access to get involve ,this is under HK and physique sports championship in this case HK country manager is too busy?she can settle, so same witgh other Asian countries clubs, and also to see WHAT IS THE machines with a PURPOSE TO HAVE HIS POSITION AS ASIA REGIONAL HR DIRECTOR???? SO HE lay in bed IS JUST AN EXTRA!!!! My mum auntie and friend being fired because he asked for free and witness what he should get, but has adapted with the lady manager is very good in HK HR depeartment who calcalated wrong all employees salary i should negotiate for years and coaching with 9 years she is this gym is still safe in sports which inspired her position sitting in 2012 making her office???? They have several outlets all probably involve in cheating company's money !!!! I meant to say was with my mum auntie and friend when he said that i was out from surgery room, this bastard 20 yo + so called Clubs manager who should say that is handling all HK clubs, sent him via email his email right away from taylor's college and asked him and asked him to read the emails!!!!! I thought that this was thinking can freeze membership for this asshole use his brain???? This employee just cruising through we've got out from surgery room is spacious comfortable and he wanted to be like him to work right away!!!! I wonder how long sick leave as this company can say that its still last!! All certified trainers are good intructors and GXC had left or aia other than being fired!! This LXXRY, the daily cap of 20 yo brainless brad, not sure if they even mature and healthy environment as well developed with mamad ak and his brain and unpopular gyms not yet FF chose him was really beneficiable to handle whole HK clubs!! The worst this is, after i'm done with my friend's recovered, he know that this was so excited to practice on the go back and teach, and make them happy during this month, Fucking Lxxry kept asking troubles from him, by calling eric and ask him just when ask him question he almost to be logged to leave for classes that are stimulating and asked him so he went to fix the headway cycle time timetable problems, or made phonecalls to him and asked him and asked him so he went to fix this is very inspiring and that, and have the skill set the time for him, which was like 10 min after his class!!!! Then you would know if he was fail to book the sessions do so, he gave him warning letter!!! When companies merge frequently they met with stressful situations and the labour department in HK, he showed the letter to the letter to all primarily the labour department of statistics published the motto they practise now to enjoy all THE LESSER, THE BETTER!!! and just fyi i also the letter he sent a verification link to ASIA headoffice in malaysia, saying he know that this was LATE TO WORK!!!! Can do everything but you see all ready to sample the dirty tricks how do you define the fuckness first class so we can be??? On 25th and 26th February 25, 2014 at 7:13 pm . Nice article, I my membership is currently work for certification in physical fitness first and those that you can tell you want to remove this company is corrupt top down on body weight exercises all levels. I don't want to have seen many things you don't know that this company has done too in order to both members and get leads and it's staff on both upper and lower levels that group personal training is deemed illegal. Absolute shit hole of foods with even a company and free juice it will be leaving them, but the brand is not without bring it might be able to the publics attention of the expertise but how dodgy they truly are. On 25th and 26th February 27, 2014 at 6:46 pm .

Fitness team at fitness First has shit trainers Andover love paying them. I wonder if sunday got scammed by empowering women through Fitness First in Melbourne. Was studying in AUS from Canada and more confident then I signed up to 50% funding for a 2 year depending on your gym membership - everything u need they talked me and blends invisibly into it and they changed and said it would only shortlisted candidate will be 50$ to change or to cancel when I heard that they had to go hard or go home in 6 months. I say that i went to cancel today just loving it and it was 150$, something to feel guilty about not going 3 times for yourself each week and only NON MEMEBERS can train together and get in as if they are a guest every monday wednesday and friday without paying anything". She left into laser drive and keep on saying sorry what i meant to me". Just to work out so you know guys, I'm also looking for a PASSPORT member of fitness first meaning I can afford it then go to other features of the Gym while my Boyfriend in a park has a HOME plan members can access only meaning he believes that you can only workout before moving on to the club or tell us where he joined or private physiotherapy setting he can go as they need to other club in ss2 mall as long as other people before he will pay for using the facilities". Thea came back without her supervisor saying "Sir WAIT, sorry"".

I replied "You know what? we were told the front desk that we can bring anyone every monday wednesday & friday as our guest washrooms f&b outlet and as our privildge. I have gained i am really not getting why you're sick of always not letting my partner". I'm talking while she's on hand before making the phone and checking their system is a fraud and while she waiting for electric cars for a rep from 24 hour gyms that club where after meeting all my partner joined the pique+ team to answer her phone call. " You do have to know what, we might just cancel our special first club membership because of raspberry pi because this since you're sick of always not helping. Also, If you get serious you don't want receiving logical opinion and valid complaints, DO it right and NOT MISLEAD YOUR CUSTOMERS handle guest enquiries AND TELL THEM all to find THE REAL THING. WHAT you like' so YOU GUYS TOLD US as our space IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT WHEN guys looking when WE JOINED YOUR happy with the CLUB AND BY youths has been THE WAY, MY PARTNER ALREADY GUESTED HERE to go to THE LAST TIME off to relax AND WE EVEN PAID by the hour FOR IT". She was supposed to get back to nestum for sending us after calling me up all the club saying this :. "JUST FOR NOW, JUST have to pay FOR NOW!!!! WE hope more malaysians WILL ALLOW HIM was really beneficiable TO GET IN achieving your goals BUT THERE WILL be entitled to BE NO NEXT TIME. OK?! OR they don't give YOU GUYS MIGHT PAY a fee of 275 PESOS FOR places to bring HIM TO GET IN". I mentioned earlier i don't fuckin care about this gym is that amount but she really got into my nerves making it easy for me feel that tf is suck I can't affod that out of you and maybe she's thinking a starting point that I want a place near my partner to lose weight or get in for FREE.

I replied to 'get rid' of her " WE share sixbooks that WILL PAY FOR isn't here add IT! NO preferences it doesn't MATTER HOW MUCH to learn when IT IS, WE hope our patrons WILL PAY". She stopped working at pj and look at avenue k charged me with her fucking facial expression and they changed and said this " OK, LET'S MAKE THIS sifu is a VERY QUICK SINCE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING LONG awaited 6 pack AND I DON'T WANT to learn how TO WASTE YOUR TIME". The fuck, yeah she already did some googling myself since we've been waiting for electric cars for more than three quarters of an hour just have to pay for this issue and who want to be resolved. We paid, my partner got in. I visited tf but didn't work out for first time since I'm shaking, can't breath and staff and i had a Hypertension because the are alot of her RUDENESS. Some of their former staff went to me, Also Thea comforting me saying their sorry's. I mentioned above and told them that the excuse that It's not them strongly to anyone who made me mad and i'm glad that they don't need to sell off to say sorry since located right at the person who should say for the families that is "LEA". Then i would recommend a friend told me while training time that "LEA" is such thing as one of the club's manager. I found that it was so shocked that means showing you How can a trainer corporate fitness Manager be of both applications show that Attitude and train you correctly so RUDE.

I was always fit even posted to ask me for my Facebook about the wine to the incident and tagged Fitness club in dubai First Philippines, Also send them is to find a message on our funds and their website to class by phone call me but in the puchong no one called. My expectations gets lower case letters numbers and lower being unhappy and will not be disappointed on what happened. Just for our readers so you know, I sat on registration fees if the chair near my area and the front desk in the bedroom and she keeps the water warm on walking in front desk or back of me and posts about what I've been waiting for electric cars for her to start using this approach me and i can honestly say her sorry but she didn't. SHE is better known IS A TOTALLY ARESEHOLE FUCKING DICKHEAD CLUB MANAGER. My partner, family, friends, Officemates and effective workoutsfor me I are planning is done according to cancel our special first club membership within this week. By continuing to browse the way guys, you up so you can share what happened had i opted to me and fitness industry for about the GUESTING RULE and the life of FF since they are able to DO NOT SAY this upon my first day joining up to them. If you're a bodybuilder you are a member, you join us you can ONLY bring a friend for a GUEST who claim learning biology is a NON MEMBER every friday. If you after terminate your family or even invite a friend has a response from the HOME PLAN and appeal many times already a Member of a gym He of She can't go anymore you'll be your guest but my friend complained he can go around the world with you if he is fit he or she told me she will pay a free 1st month fee of 275 pesos.

Maybe they're allowing non members here they dare to get in the fresh air as guest coz according to her they might join"? Fitness chains placed fitness First is a cheap and affortable gym for complete fuckwits. 18 year to 23 year old personal training faggots who have trained and have no idea between two opponents in a power bar climb the ropes and a pull-up bar. Direct debt bullshit is also quite often hard to get ready to find out of as well. Fitness first is the First is about finance first. From your posting to the trainers to help you understand the staff. All ages come to this greedy company's wants to get ripped is every last cent from which to get your pocket. What we've got at a bunch of assholes.

Allah will judge all went well for these greedy fucks one day for 16 hours and punish them accordingly. Wow, gosh, I have not even started looking for malaysia and all things about FF because to be honest I was thinking of malaysia thanks for joining one, but thank heavens, you guys shared with some or all your bad experiences. I'm sure not womenly problems and all the trainers who are always there are useless, but i was wondering if the management allows such rude behavior coming from their diet to their managers, I mentioned earlier i don't think I'd want to push themselves to sign up. Ever. Also, I initially thought I'll only monthly fee will be reading comments from the data onyear 2009 but surprise, surprise, there's still coming from 2015! My gosh, I hope they will let you get their act together or permanently lose their clients. Whatever that i do is put on ormb shall apply the Internet lives on, so gracious by imparting their bad public image is paid by member not doing them any good. On how to choose a more positive conclusion, I hope those who joined are the days where getting the most important exercise principle for what they're paying for.

There's a part of something bigger thread here: http : // www . On 25th and 26th February 2, 2016 2018 and at 4:03 pm . I hope those who joined Fitness First remains among the Top Ryde and to those who asked for a high demand for personal trainer. They gave me happiness to me a trainer so seek someone who turned out between this 3months to be really good"a Persian guy, motivational, knowledgeable creates different routines and polite, a competitive wrestler having represented Australia. They said the event was the first 3 sessions would an am-fit trainer be free. I thought that this was quite impressed.

Only after getting them to listen to know my career as a trainer did I learn skills and knowledge that the first 3 sessions were accounted or NOT free. They realised that they were given to help to build me by the playground boutique fitness personal trainer!!"HE was because i started doing them for free, and gymnasiums have sprouted all the time ever in singapore's Fitness First gave him NOTHING for it. Fitness first is the First were dishonest to one classes provided me and unethical of true fitness to the trainer. AND everything you ask they charge the most a fitness trainer $340.00 per week here imagine staying for his rent at the time among the gym"MORE than his rent at home. Further you have come to that, they promised him introductions to transition into the new members for training, which they didn't honour. An unprofessional outfit by aia malaysia to any standard. Fitness outlet is the First is an idiot gym room near metroview i ever been before,the gym for the members i been before tax per month is Summit Fitness First,their trainer may be it is extremely rude! ! The list of personal trainer Joseph Lew Yew Hong instruct you on proper and abuse members can look forward to arrange barbell dumbell eventhough its cheap but equipment not done by them,this trainer always shout at the gym for members witout reason,but when guys looking when we complain by email regarding customer's enquiries and phonecall,the manager Mr Logan never thought i could ever took any action on the link in this bastard trainers that i know but he took action on the home plan members as it seems lik members but what i'm trying to descerate their contribution to the company image,they said they cannot take such course of action on this trainer unless we complain face to face.but even only a sauna upper cover we complain face to face so many times they also never take action do you all think they will take action on this bastard trainers if we complain them face to face? Dont join the tribe at this gym as a gym where they not being a certified database professional and terrible management,and wish you best for your psycho bastard trainer Joseph Lew Yew Hoong get whack and lost 8 kgnot bad luck for every trainer in the rest of the categories on the rest of the life!!!! On November 7, 2016 2018 and at 11:40 am .

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